Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 4: Seegson Communications

*spoilers  for Alien Isolation – Mission 4 are contained within.*

I started the level with the Alien successfully left behind in the last section but entering communications I encountered my first Working Joe.  A Working Joe is a humanoid androids who acts as a dogs body for the sevastopol station.  For a second I mistook it for a human, but with a second to stare I noticed its lifeless lose plastic face and eerie glowing eyes.  I trembled slightly realising my mistake. Working Joe’s are decidedly creepy.  Fortunately they left me alone, at first.  My first interaction with a Working Joe was unfruitful but harmless as I was banned from entering the communication but after walking around a couple of corner, and past seemly hundreds of Working Joes, I got to witness one of the working Joe’s batter a guy to death.  The guy in question  had tried to make some off station calls. After sneaking around I managed to hack my way into a restricted area where they became decidedly deadly.  My first encounter with death in the game was at the Joes lifeless hands are I was dragged out of a locker and methodically beaten to death.  At first thinking I was up against a single Joe, I tried to fight back but found my pistol next to useless and the number of Joes quickly multiplied.  After two attempts at sneaking around I learnt about the Joe’s flaws, they are slow, stupid and easily out run.

At first I found the combat quite complex.  It takes two button to fire pistol, one to draw and other to fire, not knowing this I accidentally used my melee attack a few times by accident.    From the front the melee attack was useless as it was quickly parried by the Joes and only hastened my demise.

I was slightly saddened to see another potential NPC, Hughes, quickly killed off but later in the mission but I found that both my companions from the Torrens, Samuels and Taylor  had made it safe and sound, well sort of, inside Sevastopol.  There was also the first hit of Ripley’s more famous mum with a wiped black box from the Nostromo showing up.

I enjoyed the spike in difficulty that this level brought although thinks still seem to be building complexity by slowly adding game systems and look forward to more complex stuff ahead.  There’s still a long way to go.


Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 3: Encounters

*spoilers for Alien Isolation – Mission 3 are contained within.*

In the middle of the cut scene Amanda’s new creepy chum Axel is murdered as the Alien pop’s his head in for the first time.  It was kind of obvious since he first appeared but still I’d quite like to see some characters having more time to be fully developed.

This is a short mission that involves sneaking around looters until there conveniently murdered by the alien.  After another quick sneaking session around the alien and then straight into the lift to the next mission and a couple of light puzzles interspersed between.  Door hacking is the main new puzzle mechanic it was fairly simple but I can see it getting racketed up as I progress.

The atmosphere is ratcheted up another level here.  Seeing the alien crawl out of the vent to kill looters and bullets bouncing around.  With the tension ratcheted up another level the game seems to be getting going.  Thus far I’m still having fun although it’s early days.

Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 2: Welcome to Sevastopol

*spoilers for Alien Isolation – Mission 2 are contained within this post.*

In the cut scene between chapter one and two, two of the NPC’s who you started the game with are seemly killed in an accident crossing from the Torrens to Sevastopol.  Well Ripley seems to be still trying to find them, but the only way I can see them making a come back is as a frozen popsicle slamming into a window somewhere.  For once I was quite sad to see them go as they were well characterised especially Taylor the space sick lawyer.

Back to the actual game, mission two starts inside Sevastopol where something has very obviously gone very wrong.  Walls are scrawled with graffiti the power is down  and equipment is trashed.  Walking around you hear the space station creaking around you.  All of this works well to keep up the ominous atmosphere but as I walked around it dawned on me that this level was more of a haunted house than an actual game level as nothing can seemly kill you.  I think there may be one point near the end of the end of the mission where you can die but it was so simple I never felt threatened.  The lack of any real threat really worked against the atmosphere and I found myself getting slightly bored at points.

This level is more of training level as it slowly introduces the gaming elements.  Mainly the flash light, door opening tools and a bit of stealth.    I found the game builds very slowly and I kind of wish it could have thrown a bit more challenge my way.

Halfway through the level you run across  Axel, a crazy Scottish guy who holds you up before quickly changing his mind and helping you.  His appearance kept up my interest and overall I have to say I’m currently enjoying my experience.

Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 1: Closing the Book

First some technical stuff, I’m running the game on a year old Y510P Lenovo laptop which has a GeForce GT 755M.  I’ve got it running at 1920X1080 with ultra detail and medium shadows.    So far with absolutly nothing of any interest happening in the game it appears to be running fine but I’m really not checking the FPS but laptop did seem to be very warm.

The first stage offers absolute no challenge at all as you might guess it serves as a training session.  You spend some time wandering around Torrens meet a couple of NPC’s run through a computer terminal and then head to Sevastopol station.

Although I’ve done literally nothing I’m actually quite enjoying the game.  Graphically the game looks nice.  It feels like the original film, the game actually opens with a grainy twenty century fox logo like your watching an old video and follows up with an aseptic from the 70’s complete with green screen command line computer terminals.

Hello and welcome.

Hi and welcome to my blog.  This is basically going contain a kind of written and possibly video based set of lets play.  I’m going to start with  Alien Isolation.  I’m going to try and do one post per mission.