Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 8: Haven

*spoilers  for Alien Isolation – Mission 8 are contained within.*

This is a bit of a weird mission.  It seems to be a number of small scenarios stuck together and joined via the stations transport system.  None of the content was bad but I think that this whole section could have been cut to stream line the game.  First I had to restart the transport system which meant a quick trip to the control room and dealing with one human and one android.  I manged to stun the human and ended up shooting the android at point blank range, which makes him the first synthetic I have killed thus far.  Before you can leave the control room you have to pick up a new tool the gas torch.  This allows you to cut through panels and access parts of the station that had previously been blocked off.  It takes a long time to cut through the panels and creates a lot of noise giving a good opportunity for anyone in the area to attack me.  Fortunately the alien seemed uninterested in dropping into the control room which was far to small to provide any real hiding places.  Cutting through a panel I headed back to the transport station and then left the area I had started in.

The next part of the mission has you standing around waiting for another transport to come and transfer you to the next station.  While waiting I wandered around the station which was mostly empty.  Heading back to the station I found some looters hanging around the platform.  Deciding I actually wanted to use the items I had been hording for the whole game, I throw a noise maker at the looter which had the affect of causing the Alien to jump from a vent and run straight for them.  This left me to hide in a side office contemplating who was the real monster, me or the alien.  After a few minutes I headed back and grabbed the train to the next section.

The final part of the mission is set at the Solomons Habitation Towers.  Literally nothing game based takes in the Towers.  You wander through and experience some story beats, meeting Marlow the captain from the Anesidora who found Nostromo’s flight recorder.


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