Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 7: Seegson Synthetics

*spoilers  for Alien Isolation – Mission 7 are contained within.*

I was expecting more frustration as I played another frenzied game of hide and seek with every ones favourite early 80’s monster, but no the game shifted gear right down to practically idle.  I found myself mainly pitched against looters, the first bunch were easily stealthed past and the second ended in bloody combat.  The Alien actual only turned up once to finish off the first lot of looters and I only had to hide under one desk to complete avoid the thing.  It was an enjoyable and short mission after what felt like a real slogfest.

I managed to find get pack to Taylor with my medical supplies.  Although now the game seems to want to get Taylor to a medical centre sent up elsewhere in the space station, so the plot has barley shifted forward.  Although I’ve found plenty of flavour text explaining why the station is shutting down.  It’s due to the failure by Seegson to secure  contracts for their synthetics.


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