Game Making: Episode 1

Every so often I have a stab at making a game.  One day I may actually create some kind of working prototype.  Anyway about a week ago I came up with an idea and I thought I might as well blog my latest attempt so you can one day stumble across my blog and read about my attempt to create a game completely fail.  Anyway onto the pitch.

My idea is to create a business sim that is loosely based on Bullfrogs early 90’s game Syndicate, not the newer Starbreeze game that I’ve never played.  It won’t really create any the gameplay but rather take the dystopian future full of malevolent corporations intent on world domination as a starting point.

The basic idea will to build up a corporation by buying strategic assets, bribing populations and taking aggressive actions against enemy companies and other nefarious actions until the world is under your control.

At the moment all of my ideas seem vague and nondescript.  I hope starting to get stuff down on paper a fuller idea of what the game will initial will become clearer although I’m already worried about adding too many features.


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