Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 5: The Quarantine

*spoilers  for Alien Isolation – Mission 5 are contained within.*

This mission is set in a hospital.  You speak to Samuels and Taylor, Taylor’s been injured and needs medical supply, hence the hospital.  The level has it’s own mini plot, Dr. Kuhlman wants to get some meds for himself and needs your help because he’s sick and Alien.  I  spent some time running around the abandoned hospital until the Alien decides to pop in for a visit.  Just before I left the Alien decided to finish off poor old Dr. Kuhlman. Actually he was a bit of a dick, he knew the Alien was on the station the whole time and had locked himself in his room to keep safe.  Horror games and hospitals feels a bit cliqued, especially as the ward was used for psychiatric patients, sigh.

This is the first level with a significant amount of Alien action.  It’s actually quite scary knowing that if it sees you, your doomed.  Although I found the aliens AI a bit stupid, at one point I slipped down a side corridor and the alien just walked straight past without a passing glancing my way, also it seemed a bit too easy to slip under a table or into a locker to hide.  Although it didn’t alleviate the atmosphere and I was killed a couple of times.  Not being able to check the motion tracker while in a locker was more annoying as it was impossible to tell if it was safe to exit or if the alien was about to burst into through door,because of this I preferred hiding under tables.  I’m slightly worried that this hide and seek game play will drag after a while but hopefully introducing androids and looters will keep the tension racked up.

As I finished the level I got dumped into the next section, more hospital.


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