Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 4: Seegson Communications

*spoilers  for Alien Isolation – Mission 4 are contained within.*

I started the level with the Alien successfully left behind in the last section but entering communications I encountered my first Working Joe.  A Working Joe is a humanoid androids who acts as a dogs body for the sevastopol station.  For a second I mistook it for a human, but with a second to stare I noticed its lifeless lose plastic face and eerie glowing eyes.  I trembled slightly realising my mistake. Working Joe’s are decidedly creepy.  Fortunately they left me alone, at first.  My first interaction with a Working Joe was unfruitful but harmless as I was banned from entering the communication but after walking around a couple of corner, and past seemly hundreds of Working Joes, I got to witness one of the working Joe’s batter a guy to death.  The guy in question  had tried to make some off station calls. After sneaking around I managed to hack my way into a restricted area where they became decidedly deadly.  My first encounter with death in the game was at the Joes lifeless hands are I was dragged out of a locker and methodically beaten to death.  At first thinking I was up against a single Joe, I tried to fight back but found my pistol next to useless and the number of Joes quickly multiplied.  After two attempts at sneaking around I learnt about the Joe’s flaws, they are slow, stupid and easily out run.

At first I found the combat quite complex.  It takes two button to fire pistol, one to draw and other to fire, not knowing this I accidentally used my melee attack a few times by accident.    From the front the melee attack was useless as it was quickly parried by the Joes and only hastened my demise.

I was slightly saddened to see another potential NPC, Hughes, quickly killed off but later in the mission but I found that both my companions from the Torrens, Samuels and Taylor  had made it safe and sound, well sort of, inside Sevastopol.  There was also the first hit of Ripley’s more famous mum with a wiped black box from the Nostromo showing up.

I enjoyed the spike in difficulty that this level brought although thinks still seem to be building complexity by slowly adding game systems and look forward to more complex stuff ahead.  There’s still a long way to go.


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