Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 3: Encounters

*spoilers for Alien Isolation – Mission 3 are contained within.*

In the middle of the cut scene Amanda’s new creepy chum Axel is murdered as the Alien pop’s his head in for the first time.  It was kind of obvious since he first appeared but still I’d quite like to see some characters having more time to be fully developed.

This is a short mission that involves sneaking around looters until there conveniently murdered by the alien.  After another quick sneaking session around the alien and then straight into the lift to the next mission and a couple of light puzzles interspersed between.  Door hacking is the main new puzzle mechanic it was fairly simple but I can see it getting racketed up as I progress.

The atmosphere is ratcheted up another level here.  Seeing the alien crawl out of the vent to kill looters and bullets bouncing around.  With the tension ratcheted up another level the game seems to be getting going.  Thus far I’m still having fun although it’s early days.


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