Lex Play: Alien Isolation – Mission 1: Closing the Book

First some technical stuff, I’m running the game on a year old Y510P Lenovo laptop which has a GeForce GT 755M.  I’ve got it running at 1920X1080 with ultra detail and medium shadows.    So far with absolutly nothing of any interest happening in the game it appears to be running fine but I’m really not checking the FPS but laptop did seem to be very warm.

The first stage offers absolute no challenge at all as you might guess it serves as a training session.  You spend some time wandering around Torrens meet a couple of NPC’s run through a computer terminal and then head to Sevastopol station.

Although I’ve done literally nothing I’m actually quite enjoying the game.  Graphically the game looks nice.  It feels like the original film, the game actually opens with a grainy twenty century fox logo like your watching an old video and follows up with an aseptic from the 70’s complete with green screen command line computer terminals.


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